Connecting a TV that is using a Roku Stick

I am currently looking into digital signage apps, such as Xibo. Would Xibo help in connecting a TV that is using a Roku Stick? Does Xibo allow to publish via a URL? In other words, can I open up a web browser on the Roku and point to an internal URL that is a Xibo Display? Thanks for any comments / suggestions!

You would need to connect an Android device running the Xibo for Android app, or a Windows PC running the Windows Player directly to the TV. Xibo doesn’t publish a video stream that can be consumed by Roku or Chromecast devices.

Hello Alex.
You wrote this post there in 2015 and wanted to know if it has changed that and you can work with Chromcast.
Since I need a Queue Manager and found an application in Google Play
that does what I need but works with Chromecast, if you know of any other queue management application that can work with Xibo for me would be great.



Xibo has no Chromecast integration and it’s not something we have on the roadmap I’m afraid.

The connection via Cast is too unreliable and cannot to my knowledge be automated, so if it disconnects it requires manual intervention to connect back again.

ok Thank Alex.
and you can advise me how I can make a management of Cola or shift ?


I’m sorry I don’t know what those things are.

a queue management or waiting shift, for example when you go to a doctor’s office and you have to wait to be called, you can place a screen with information of interest divided with a space for the indicator number of the shift.

It’s not something Xibo supports I’m afraid.

Thank Alex :tired_face: