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I use the API to interact with my CMS from an external app. Until now I used the client credential grant-type to get the access token, but now i want the users to connect themself to Xibo with username and password.

I think I should use the access code to do that, so I tried this request on Postman :


But i get the following error :

I tried to add the client secret in parameter too but same result.

There is no clear documentation on authorization request and I don’t know what to do now.

EDIT: When I try to get the access token with the grant_type access_code I get the following error:

RE-EDIT: I figured out after looking in the source code than the doc is wrong when talking about grant_type=access_code, we have to use authorization_code instead.

But even like this i got the same result

I forgot to grant Authorization code in CMS Applications settings…

I managed to make it work, but then there was a bug in 2.3.8 version that made me unable to get a new access token with the refresh token, so i had to upgrade to 2.3.9.

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