Confirmation of Ticker functionality

Hi all,

In 1.8, I just want to confirm the functionality of a Ticker displaying Dataset Data is as I think it is:

Ticker will pull dataset data, and if there is no data returned (e.g. due to a filter), then the ticker will continue to display the last data it had? (Could there be an option in future to disable this feature per ticker?).

If I add something to the ‘Message to display when no data is returned’ (under Advanced), it will show that message instead of displaying the last data? (expected functionality).

The example I use is Meeting Room displays. When an event has finished, I don’t want it to keep displaying the previous data.

Your assessment of features is correct.

You can put a “space” in the no data message and it will then show blank if no results have been returned. Although I guess what you actually want here is for the layout to become invalid and be removed from the schedule until such a time there is data present again. I.e. you can show something else during these times.

I think that is a reasonable suggestion.

Thanks Dan.

I don’t need it to invalidate the layout as the functionality works perfectly for what I need. If there are no events we just show the background image and use a space as you suggested.

In the future it would be great to be able to schedule other content in the times that no events are present in the dataset (e.g. promotional content etc), however, I’m not sure how it could be done with the current way scheduling works.

Thanks again,

You’d schedule the dataset with priority and the promotional content without (or with a lower priority) - if an empty set marked the dataset as invalid, it will be dropped out the schedule and the promotional content would come through


Hello Dan,

Is this in the works? What is the best way to do this currently with as little playlist interruption as possible?