Configure Linux Xibo Client


Hello guys.

Please, i need some help to configure my linux client with linux server.

I’m using raspeberry pi2 and a centos server.

Thanks in advance

Magno Moyses

Sorry for my poor english


Raspberry PI is not an officially supported platform for Xibo. You will find on the Forums that some users have tested the various versions of Raspberry PI, with mixed results. I would recommend using a different hardware solution for your Players, to ensure that you get the right performance for your Displays. I have included a link to the recommended Android Hardware Guide for reference.

The Xibo for Linux Player is currently in development. Below is a link to the Xibo Blog post that includes a download of the preview version, as well as instructions on how to install it.

As mentioned, this Player is still under development and is available as a preview of the finished Player and for feedback on its performance.

We do not have an official release date for the full version of the Xibo for Linux Player but the Blog will be updated with more information as soon as we do.

I would recommend using the Windows, Android or webOS Players for your digital signage, as they are finished, supported versions of the Xibo Player.

Many Thanks.