Config file .xml empty

Dear Team

Kindly note that we are facing an issue with xibo windows that media player option showing “localhost” , I have checked that config.xml file is empty in Roaming folder , this issue happened in many players ,now we will enter the details of server again ,and it will connect but after 15-30 days same issue will happen again .

I have checked the required permission for roaming folder and its correct .

Player Version

windows R310 , server Version 3.3.5

We also have this issue, but it’s something we live with. Because we run new campaigns daily, its picked up pretty quick and we react. We keep a txt file on the desktop with all the credentials so it’s a simple copy/paste exercise. Considering windows is free, I dont think its a massive problem. However, a fix would be much appreciated.

I’ve never had this problem.
Are your device managed by a domain, or do you change user session?

Admin local user , not domain