ComputeStick Replacement?

Hey everyone,

We are currently using ComputeSticks for Windows players, but they are starting to go bad and are discontinued by Intel. I’m looking for recommendations for another Windows based player either in the same form factor sometime tiny like the size of Raspberry Pi. I’m looking for something under $500 if possible, but I can go up a couple hundred more if the hardware is good enough.

What is everyone using or what are you recommending?


Not the answer you are looking for, but android players are really good. Also with teamviewer added as remote solution.

We started with a small Intel NUC7 i5 with 8GB ram. We had around 20 of them in de field but the windows updates and drivers is not reliable and we kept having issues. We ended with a NUC11 i7 16GB ram, but running youtube from an embedded code with 4K was not really smooth…

Why Android? cheaper/more GPU for lower price/ small/easy to use/no updates means no failures.

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I agree with @Vishal_Debipersad regarding Android being more stable when it comes to the operation of Xibo player… I used about 1500 of these Android devices and they worked well for a long time.
The big problem with Androids in my case was the instability with internet networks… the reconnection work with these devices was constant.

A solution you can try would be Windows IOT.

I have plans for next year to move internal efforts here to help develop the Linux player. Maybe hire a developer to match this Linux version with the others (Windows, Android).

Anyway, there are viable solutions for you to keep your project, each with a specific characteristic, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here’s my recomendation for Android Devices that are REALLY great:

They are rooted devices, and have a lot better performance than othes devices on the market… Those are the devices that i tested and got a great performance.

was there a particular model you are using?

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