Compatability question

Hello everyone
I just setup xibo cms on a desktop windows 7 and everything works perfect locally.
The client monitor is far away from the desktop and I have no intention to link desktop and tv with hdmi cable.
So I have to buy a mini pc like minix z64 which comes with windows 10 preinsalled.
My concern is if there will be issues to display from win7 to win10.
Do I have to downgrade my win10 to win7 which is recommended from xibo?
Are there any issues from xibo working on win10?
I have a chromecast 2 also.
Any progression from xibo with this gadget?
Thank you

It should be fine, W7 and W10 are supported and you don’t necessarily need to have CMS and player on the same Windows version.

Thank you Peter for the immediate response!