Command scheduling not working for one display

Morning all,

We use DSCS9 players pretty much exclusively, and I have a bit of an odd issue with one of our displays (all others seem to be functioning correctly)

I have individual scheduled commands to turn our screens on / off. All were working correctly up until recently - no changes were made before it stopped working.

Essentially, one of the displays will no longer turn on via a scheduled command. If you issue the command manually it works fine, the scheduled off command works correctly also.

I have tried recreating the schedule in case something was wrong there, all the devices are scheduled to reboot themselves over the weekend, as we had an issue with the CS9’s crashing after an extended period.

Not really sure where the best place to start looking is, or if anyone has seen this before.


Thank you for your message and welcome to the community!

I also have a DSCS9 device and would be happy ot test your commands for you. Please provide the following information:

  • What version of CMS are you using?
  • What version the Xibo for Android Player are you using?
  • What are the Commands you are using with your Player?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

The CMS is on 2.0.2, its running the docker install of Xibo.
Android players are all on 1.8R108
The command is the standard SCRON command, as your setup info for CEC.


Hi Dan,

Do we have any update on this? It is starting to affect more of the xibo displays on site, but like the first, it is only an issue with the scheduled commands, ones sent using the web console work correctly.


Thank you for your message, please excuse the delayed reply.

The fact that the issue is only occurring on one of your connected Android Players would suggest that the issue is with that Player specifically otherwise we would expect none of the Players or commands to work.

I would next recommend looking into any differences between this DSCS9 and all of your other DSCS9s you have. For example:

  • Are they all definitely running the same version of the Player?
  • Are they all running the same Firmware?
  • Are they all connected to the same network?
  • Are they all members of the same Android Display Profile?
  • Are they all Licensed so they can receive scheduled Commands?
  • Does the Player with an issue have the same status as your other Players in the Displays option on your CMS?

If there are no differences, the next step would be to check for any errors from that DSCS9 that could help to understand the issue. As a test, you could create an Event that will be used by 2 of your Players: the one with the issue and any other working one. Schedule the same command event for both so they are using the exact same Event, not individual ones. When the one with an issue does not perform as expected, you can then check the logs in your CMS for any errors or other messages.

If it still is not working or returning any errors that could explain the issue, could you send me a screenshot of the Status page from that Player? To access the Status page, go to your DSCS9 and click on the screen while the Player is running and choose Status from the options that appear at the top of the screen. The screenshot will contain sensitive information so I would recommend either editing the image to obscure your CMS URL (and XMR info if configured?, or sending it to me in a private message.

Many Thanks.