Command executing on windows player


I’d like to know how to execute commands on the Windows player using commands.
I have summarized what I have attempted so far in a PDF.

I believe I have followed the steps in the official documentation, but I’m stuck because even an error message of “execution failure” doesn’t appear on the player.
What I want to execute is “w32tm /reboot”, but I suspect that even a reboot (shutdown) wouldn’t work with my current situation.
(The player doesn’t even display an error message when it fails to execute the command).

I would appreciate it if someone could advise!

xibo_community_command_ques.pdf (815.7 KB)

Hello Mr. Ken,
For windows player, you can try the following commands:
Shutdown: shutdown.exe /f /s /t 0
Reboot: shutdown.exe /f /r /t 0
Sleep: rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0
Hopefully this can help the problems you are facing

Best regards.