Colour Regions semi-transparent

We’ve just installed Xibo and it works perfect!
I’ve one question: We use a white background with some logo’s. When i’m adding a region I almost can’t see the region.
Is it possible to change semi-transparent white overlays to another colour? It doesn’t have to be transparent.


We’re glad that you like Xibo!

At the moment sadly no, I’d suggest making background in some shade of gray :wink: /darker colour so you will be able to see regions better, and then when everything is set as you want it to be, change background to white again.

Designer will get ‘tiny’ overhaul in 1.8, so it definitely should be better then.

Fun fact - one of my very first posts on this site:

Thank you for your quick reply.
I hoped that there was another option I didn’t find :smile:
So a little grey background it is :wink: