[cms2.3.3] When copying a nested playlist, the parent-child relationship between the playlists is not duplicated

I found the following and I will write it down.

When copying a nested playlist, the parent-child relationship between the playlists is not duplicated.

It seems that this problem can be solved simply by adding replication of the playlistplaylist table to/lib/controller/Playlist.php. (Browse for Image)

work environment
・I mainly use version 2.2. 1 of cms and I am moving to 2.3.3.
・The player uses windows-client _ v 201.

reproduction method
(I will write the situation that I found this phenomenon as it is.)

Use two normal users, “User A and User B” and one “Administrator User”.
User A creates several playlists containing user A’s own content.
Give user B permission to these playlists.
Create a nested playlist using the subplaylist widget. (Browse for Image)
In addition, user A creates a new layout.
Sets a sub-playlist in a region and sets this nested playlist.
You can leave it as Draft.

Then log in as an administrative user.
Duplicates the nested playlist created by user A.
(At this point, the parent-child information between the playlists is lost, as indicated in the title.)
In addition, make its owner User B.
Next, duplicate the layout created by User A.
In addition, make its owner User B.

Finally, log in as user B.
Please create a playlist in user B.
Add it as a subplaylist widget to the nested playlist duplicated above.
Next, set this nested playlist as a subplaylist widget in the layout duplicated above.
Finally, “Publish”

Please send the layout to the appropriate display by user B.
The lkplaylistplaylist has not been updated.
Only playlists created by user B are displayed.

I would appreciate it if you could comment.
Thank you for your continuous support.

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Hi ken,

That is a detailed write up! Thank you. I wish all write-ups were this good.

I have created a bug for this on GitHub and will link back to this topic:


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Hi Dan.
I’m sorry for the late thanks.
I expect the next 2.3 series of patches.
I appreciate your work.
Thank you very much.

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