CMS Upgrade to 3.x, success! Just one minor problem

We recently upgraded our self-hosted Docker Xibo CMS to the latest 3.x stable release from 1.8.x. We’re generally very impressed with the new features; it might as well be a new product in many ways.

Our Android players are all Xibo/DSDevices DSCS9, which have all been rock solid since 2018. We have upgraded them to the last android image available from Xibo as well as the last client available that’s supported under our account.

If we preview the Layout in the CMS under a Linux thin client browser, everything is perfect. Using the exact same monitor with the android player and the latest DSC9, a small percentage (under 10%) of the left and right margins are solid black instead of showing our presentation.

We recreated the layout as well as the display resolution (It’s 1920x1200 19:10) but that didn’t seem to help.

I have in my notes from the original DSC9 setup that we had to make a change to our CMS backend settings through the Docker container to fix this problem and to see my notes from Support on it. Of course, I didn’t save those notes it seems.

Anyone have any ideas what could solve this issue? We are planning to purchase the latest Android before the end of the year, but until we do we can’t ask Support…

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