CMS serving multi-language players (Forecast IO) issue


I have version 1.7.5 of CMS installed on a Windows 2012 server (Windows players) and was initially serving only “french” players with Forecats IO and the default language for the CMS was set to french. Everything was working fine… until I added a player that needed to display the english version Forecast IO.

The Forecast IO module is configured in two different layout (FR and EN) and the language is set respectively in the “appearance” tab. This doesn’t seem to influence the display of the information. On the other hand, the information retrieved from “Forecast IO” is in the correct language.

The information seems to be following the CMS default language. I have looked for similar information and could not resolve it with what I have found so far.

I did check all the international settings before posting… but might have missed something.

Hope someone can help.


Could you be looking at a cache of the French data somehow? Perhaps if you copied the layout?

I suppose you are using a template which contains the date| template variable - which unfortunately does use the default language to change the date.

This has been fixed in the next version:

unfortunately it couldn’t be patched into 1.7, sorry


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll give the 1.8.0 beta version a try, and post my finding if you need.

Let me know.


Sure, please do let us know if it doesn’t work as expected.