CMS on Docker vs Apache Webserver

I’m planing to build Xibo CMS and put it on the internet either VPS with Windows 10 Docker or Apache Web Hosting option, but I’m very new to Xibo, so I would appreciate if you guys can guide me what the best option for these two choices in terms of

  • system stability
  • more secure platform
  • less admin works
  • easy to recover or just get backup file to recover.

***Actually, I have installed the Xibo with Docker on testing pc, it was easy to install but I haven’t fully configured the system yet such as SSL and Mail alerts, but I still need your experiences suggestion anyway.

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Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Docker is our official and recommended route to getting Xibo up and running - as you’ve discovered its easy, configured correctly out the box, easy to backup, etc.

It is argueably more complicated to get SSL working, because you need a reverse proxy to do the SSL termination - but this can also be done with Docker (there are plenty of resources online saying how to do so).

As a long term Docker user, its hard to think of a sitation where i’d use a webserver installed directly on the host.

Obviously just my opinion :smile:

I’m just curious what the reason behind to implement reverse proxy instead we can directly connect Xibo CMS thru http?

and If the reverse proxy is installed on another docker container, would it be possible hook them together?

You’d use a reverse proxy to terminate SSL - if you’ll be accessing over HTTP only (which is not recommended or advisable if you’re putting it on the internet) then you can go direct.

You’d make the Docker containers share the same network - so your reverse proxy container would be the one that maps a port to outside, and then you’d proxy pass after SSL to the Xibo container on the internal Docker network. Its very neat :smile: