CMS Mobile version

Something really bother me, is about the CMS mobile version.

Sometimes I need to use my smartphone to check the CMS, but not always I have a notebook in hand, and when I use my smartphone, the CMS does not fit very well on the screen.

Specially with the pop up settings. They go further the right screen, and I can’t zoom out or scroll to see all the specs or save some alterations.

Even with the menu, I can’t reach some links, because they are further down.

I don’t know if this was already in knowledge of you, but I think it’s worth to comment, maybe this can be fixed on the 1.8. =)

The CMS isn’t designed to be used on a mobile or tablet - as you have noticed there are lots of things that don’t work well on those devices. Dialog popups won’t ever work well.

There either needs to be a mobile theme OR an App, which is our preference.

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Hello Dan,
I totally agree that it will be hard to work with the CMS when it comes to design of layouts, But,
What if we had a mobile app that would only handle changes in datasets?
I really believe it worth trying, and can be great for the end users, who usually do not need design abilities but need to change data displayed on the system.
Well, I’m gonna try to do it in Flutter…