CMS Layout toolbar wrong behavior

Hi, I would like to signal a wrong behavior on the layout bottom toolbar (widget toolbar) on CMS 2.3.5 and 2.3.6.

When I use the “Layout Designer Tools” button, this one pops some other buttons that appears in front of other buttons and I cannot go out of this and bring back the toolbar in the initial state.
To solve this issue, I grew up the page by zooming in my browser (FF mozilla latest version), and catched up the “Library” button behind to bring back all functional.

As you can see in my PNG capture, the button wrong behavior :
capture cms xibo

Hope that can help you to solve this issue.

Could you check to make sure you have FF version 80.0 and disable any add ons and restart the browser to see if the issue persists.


Here I confirm with FF latest version and no addons I get the same behavior.
So I tested on multiple terminals like desktops, laptops, and get the same issue with the toolbar icon.
We can observe same behavior on latest Edge browser, Safari & Chrome.

Could you try clearing your cache on your FF browser and check again and if at all possible could you provide a video of the Tools issue?

Thank you

Hi Natasha,

I get full cache cleaning and fresh install in a new desktop PC and can see the same behavior.
As you can see in the attached video, I can get library and widget button with good behavior.
So when I click on the “Layout Designer Tools” button, I get some issue that open button is overlaying other buttons that prevents to click to them or use other feature. The only way I found to solve it is growing up the windows (by zooming) to get a sufficient offset that can unhide part of button (library) to click on it and make the toolbar return to initial state.Video

Thanks for feedback

Thank you for sending the video of the issue and confirming that you have cleared your cache. can you create a trial CMS instance on the Xibo cloud and confirm if you are still seeing this behaviour? I have been unable to replicate your issue so far, so would be interested to know if you see the same occur on our cloud platform.

Many Thanks.

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