CMS crashes when xmr does not work completely well

1.8.9 / VPS / zeromq install / php binding install / but i cant run xmr.phar as a service. config.json correctly setup. I have been follow the instructions, xmr public adress in empty for now… (CMS is on a webserver, not local).

Case of use: When i try to add a new event and press Save, i think the CMS try to send an instant message to that specific player, and the gear keeps turning for always

The only solution is to close manually the form or press “Cancel”. I think this issue is because a wrong configuration on my XMR, i dont think this should happen anyway… this is the log:

Unable to Process Queue of Player actions due to Acciones 1 de 1 del Player fallaron

Also happen when i try to resend a key of xmr to the player, delete an event, etc.

The player, every 5 minutes logs:

Unable to start XMR queue: class java.lang.Exception/XMR address not configured.

Thanks, and sorry my english…

That does make sense then?

You will need to have correct both private and public CMS addresses in the config.json and the same addresses in the CMS settings for it to work correctly.

I don’t think it could cause problems when saving new events (spinning wheel) that could be more of a php configuration issue than the anything with XMR.

When i removed the line “” from my php.ini, then all the forms closed correctly, especially when I assign slides to a campaign or calendar. Now xibo works fine, only not xmr…