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When I insert multiple media from local path, within a layout, using the same tag for all media (a new tag never used or created before), often tag is inserted twice and does not allow me to insert further media.


The only solution is to delete one of the two equal tags from the tags list.

Is there any way to avoid this and not create duplicates?
Thanks in advance!

HI Denny, sorry to hear about your issue. I’m aware that you have another issue when trying to upload multiple media files to your CMS when inside the layout designer. I suspect these issues could be related but I am not certain.

I have been uploading multiple media items using the upload form in the layout designer (CMS 3.3.2) and so far I cannot replicate your issue. The tags are only added to the CMS once and applied correctly to all items I upload. I wondered if you could provide a some troubleshoot logs while this issue is occurring? Please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Report Fault menu.
  • Follow the steps and choose Turn On Debugging when the option appears.
  • Continue with the steps and choose Open in new tab/window when the option appears. Do not close the original window, you will need to return here shortly.
  • On the new window, please replicate the issue so that you see the error returned in your screenshot.
  • Once you have replicated the issue, close the new window and return to the original window with the report fault steps.
  • Continue with the steps and click collect and save when the option appears. This will download a zip file named troubleshoot. If you can pass that onto me in a private message, I can take a look.
  • Finally continue with the steps and choose Turn Off Debugging to complete the steps.

Many Thanks.

Hi Denny. Thank you for providing the logs from your CMS. I can see the issue is recorded in those logs. To help troubleshoot this issue further, is this a Docker or custom web server installation?

Many Thanks.

Hi Daniel,
thanks for the quick answer.
This is a Docker installation where we only added a custom widget.
Thank you!


Thank you for letting me know this is Docker based but with a custom widget. Can you provide some information about your custom widget? An overview of its functionality would be helpful, just in case this some how relates to your issue.

Many Thanks

Hi Daniel,
This is how it works quickly explained:

We have created a widget that allows us to insert into the layouts the progess queue number of the served counters (e.g. butchery, gastronomy) of supermarkets with “next number system” from software installed on a dedicated server.
“Next numer” of queue is called from speech synthesizer.

Once installed from the Xibo modules, we configure the codes of the banks served into the datasets.


Colum Dataset


And then we insert in regions the widget inside the layout

Configuration of widget


Thank you so much!

Thank you for the information about your custom widget, which sounds very good by the way.

I wondered if you could try upgrading your CMS to 3.3.3 so we can see if the issue persists on the latest version? You can download the files you require, and our upgrade guides from here.
Please make sure to backup your database and media library in case there is an issue with the upgrade.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the positive words about our Widget!
I’m trying with version 3.3.3 and the problem persists.
I’ve also collected debug logs (I can send it if can help you).
Thank you very much


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