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v3.x Cloud Hosted


We are planning on updating from a Cloud Hosted v2.x to 3.x CMS with the intent to utilize the Folder Features. I’m currently using a two week demo instance of v3.x to look at the new functions and features.

I’m looking at having a GLOBAL folder for corporate wide media and then site specific folders. Someone at each site would then manage only that site with view-only access to the GLOBAL folder.

I seem to be able to set those permissions fine but the one thing I can’t appear to do is restrict site users (non super admin) from creating objects in the ROOT folder itself. I don’t trust them to properly select the correct folder to add media to. Where are the SHARE permissions for the Root Folder set? Is there a way to remove the create/delete permission form the ROOT for everybody and have it only available to SuperAdmins?


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Great to hear that you are investigating features and functions of v3 :slight_smile:

An object is saved in the Root Folder if a Folder is not selected. We do not have any settings that would prevent a User from saving an object that would then end up in the Root Folder at present so I have taken this to our dev team so that we can discuss this further :+1:

Just to clarify, only Super Admin users can create Sub-Folders under the Root folder with Users able to create Folders for the ones that they have at least View access for and the Create New Folders Feature enabled.

For future reference, Xibo in the Cloud customers get free access to our [helpdesk] (Xibo Signage Help Desk) so please do open a ticket with any future issues or queries and we will be happy to assist you!

The ability to prevent users from saving / creating objects in the root folder would be fantastic for us in our on-prem CMS.

We have just started investigating xibo as an alternative to our current solution and would really like the ability to restrict users to adding files to the root folder as well. For us it will help with segregating files between teams.
Cheers JC

Just to follow up that this is being discussed with the development team. :+1:

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