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Hi Guys!

I created this topic to check with you the possibility of having a version of the Campaign Preview page that uses only the thumbnails of the layouts instead a whole layout processment.
I say this because when you need to preview a campaign with many layouts, the preview system takes too long and sometimes it doesn’t work (especially when there are layouts with videos).

I tried to make it work this way using the layout thumbnails system, but without success.

I think that this way the page would be faster and if the user wants to preview a single layout in detail, he can open it in another tab

How could I implement this? Is there any chance of it being included in a new version of the CMS?

Thank you!

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Hi, thanks for posting.

I can see why this would be helpful, when as you say, you have multiple Layouts in Campaigns.

I have moved this to our Features section as it would be interesting to see how many other users would benefit from this being implemented into the core CMS.

In the meantime I will raise it with the team for further discussion :+1:

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Thanks for the awnser, Natasha!
Have a good wekeend :slight_smile:

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