[CMS 1.7.2] page display problem in CMS


I am using Xibo 1.7.2.
Some pages display are not convenient as they need horizontal scrolling.

Is this a bug !? it is for me as the table layout doesn’t display well

Like in “displays” page. Table is too large and doesn’t fit in the entire page. Maybe there is too much information ? changing layout settings (font size, padding etc…) may do the trick. Or maybe remove one or two columns ?

I am using a macbook with 1600 x 900 screen resolution and tried with Safari, Chrome and Firefox : same problem.

Thanks a lot for the great software !

Is it only the display page you have trouble with? Or are there other pages too?

I’ve created an enhancement request for the display page:

Yes for now i only noticed it in the display page (see screenshot)

by the way, the CMS doesn’t seem to be responsive, so when i use it on displays with lower resolution horizontal scrolling becomes mandatory.

Correct - the tables aren’t responsive. We’d love for a designer to come along and spend some time working with Xibo to get a fully responsive design.

If you try upgrading to 1.7.3 I have removed the description column which should bring that table back into view for most resolutions.

Yes i upgraded to Client and CMS 1.7.3
Now the display page is ok. That’s a lot more comfortable !

Concerning the responsiveness issue, using div / ul / li instead of tables wouldn’t make it a bit more adaptable ?

thanks a lot.

@dan If Xibo is using templating, I would be happy to give it a try in my spare time. But if Xibo is using inline html (as I remember), I stay far far away from it.

@MedusaDelft We use templating - all rendered content comes out of one of the files in theme/default/html/

There are some key files, such as table_render, form_render, etc - which are like macros. In the long run we might move to Twig