CMS 1.6.4: Correct way to reference jquery in embed media

I am using CMS 1.6.4 and would like to reference jquery for embedded script in Embed media item.

How to do that ? Should we include for e.g a google CDN link:

inside the EmbedInit() function or above the function. What if I want to reference jquery version used by xibo or include another copy of jquery e.g jquery.js instead of above link.

This is in context of CMS 1.6.4. This has always puzzled me.


Certainly with 1.7 series it’s already included for you. It could well be the case in 1.6.4 as well

The question is how do i reference it in the embedded media item ? Something as below ?

Exactly How ?


jQuery is already included - you reference it as normal with $() or jQuery()