Clock Widget Displaying Month in Chinese

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Windows - 3 R301.1
Android - 3 R302


I’ve seen other posts about this issue, but I can’t seem to track down the problem in my case. When I pull up my layout in preview mode, the Clock widget displays the day and month (full month name) correctly, however on any player that I try to pull the layout down on, it displays in Chinese characters. The default language on my CMS is set to en_GB. The code that I’m using is as follows:

<p style="text-align: left;"><span style="font-size:24px;"><span style="color:#ffffff;">[dddd, MMMM D, YYYY]</span></span></p>

The GPS coordinates for the displays are US based. Is there a different setting that needs to be changed?

As a Xibo in the Cloud customer you get assistance from our help desk, as part of the service, so please do open a ticket so that we can take a closer look for you!

Thank you, Natasha! :slight_smile:

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