Clock module displaying in chinese 1.7.4

I recently upgraded my Xibo installation to 1.7.4 and updated the modules by doing a “verify all” and now the clock module displays chinese characters for the day of week, month, etc. It does this on both the CMS preview and on different players (Android and Windows).

Any help is appreciated

Make sure your CMS regional settings are set appropriately. See the section in the CMS Post-Installation guide which covers that

My time zone is set to Los Angeles (I’m in Las Vegas, NV) and my language is set to en_GB. I’ve also tried checking and un-checking the internationalization box and detect my browser language. Neither seem to make a difference.

My display is using a text box with a simple text of “Meetings for [Clock|dddd], [Clock|MMMM] [Clock|Do], [Clock|YYYY]”

Thank you for your response.

Just wanted to add that I’m running Xibo 1.7.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for the server and an android box as the client (I’ve also tried a Windows client and it displays the same text) in case it helps. It was working when it was running 1.7.3, but after the update to 1.7.4 I was getting some weirdness with the clock (Not displaying at all for instance), so I did the “verify all” in modules and that is when it began displaying in Chinese.


I’m sorry that I missed this! I have the exact same issue (as you posted). To help troubleshoot; I’m running Xibo 1.7.4 on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 64 bit. Looking at php53 I see I am slightly out of date, but well above the requirements of PHP5.3.3 or above;

Information for package php53:

Repository: SLES11-SP3-Updates
Name: php53
Version: 5.3.17-0.41.1
Arch: x86_64
Vendor: SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany
Support Level: Level 3
Installed: Yes
Status: out-of-date (version 5.3.17-0.35.2 installed)
Installed Size: 4.6 MiB
Summary: PHP5 Core Files

[Update]Upgraded to 5.3.17-0.35.2 and rebooted - no difference.

That is very strange indeed - there was a 1.7.4 change which pushed the locale down to the clock so that we could support exactly what you are seeing - however that locale should be fed from the locale defined in the regional settings or the locale requested by the player.

I am sure this is a silly question - but your player is set to US locale?

I note that your CMS preview is also returning the same characters - can you do a view source anywhere in the CMS and look for a statement at the end inside a <script> tag, called

var language = "???";

Ah ha! I think you are onto something, Dan. My locale is en-us everywhere, but when I look at source on a random CMS page, I see;

    var language = "en-GB";
    var dateFormat = "Y-m-d H:i";
    var calendarType = "Gregorian";
    var calendarLanguage = "en-GB-EN-GB";

I haven’t the slightest idea where it is pulling this from. If I look at my CMS Settings, Under Regional, I see a “language” of “en_us” and a timezone of “New York”. Note that this CMS was an “inplace” upgrade from 1.7.0 directly to 1.7.4 (if that matters).


My source shows the same lines as above. My language is actually set to en-GB in my CMS settings as well.

What is the locale set to on the Player machine? Some Android boxes default to Chinese

The box is set to English (United States) and Pacific GMT -7.0.


I see this on the cms design view, which could be one of several linux/windows machines, all are en-us/New York, and all are firefox. I will confirm androids tomorrow.


Do you see the same on a Spring Signage demo CMS?

Do you have a link to the demo CMS? I can’t seem to find it.


Other than language setting, where can I find the locale on a Minix Android?


I installed 1.7.3 and imported my designs and it is working at this point. I’ll continue to help troubleshooting as you need but I think I’ll stick on 1.7.3 for a while.

@thegoofy You would need to sign up for a demo account for yourself. It’s free!

@Kevin_Salisbury It’s just

Settings -> Language & input -> Language

as far as I’m aware. If it’s like it in the CMS preview then it’s unlikely to be anything Player side though. Can you replicate it on a Spring Signage demo account?

Ok. Then like the cms, the player is set to English, United States. I will try the spring signage demo on my account and report back…

That should mean the clock is being told to use en-GB as a locale - so that is very strange indeed then.

Any chance we can have access to a CMS that exhibits the problem?


Sorry, I have been distracted on other pressing issues. I can do this Thursday or almost anytime next week if you can email me your requirements (browser to cms access, ssh access to cms server etc).