Clock displaying language

Hello (once again) !

I am almost ready to put my Campaign on the go but, I still have a few problems !

The thing is that I use Xibo on the English interface but I’d like to have the clock displayed in french, since it is for a French audience. I haven’t changed anything on the Settings panel concerning the language because it is easier for me to have the CMS working in English (because most solutions are explained in English :wink: )

So, I have searched the forum and found a few answers without being totally sure how to apply them.

Is there a code to change or a setting to modify so that i can have the Date displaying in French days (Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, etc…) ?

Thanks a lot in advance !


Sorry, there isn’t a way to do that yet - I don’t see why we couldn’t add that as a feature request, i’ve moved this into that category.

Good day,

I do have the same request, do you know if it will be part of the 1.8 series ?

Thanks you

Hi there. Same for me. I like to keep the english terms in the UI but i need localized output in the layouts (especially date formats). Any chance to realize this?