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Hello (once again) !

I am almost ready to put my Campaign on the go but, I still have a few problems !

The thing is that I use Xibo on the English interface but I’d like to have the clock displayed in french, since it is for a French audience. I haven’t changed anything on the Settings panel concerning the language because it is easier for me to have the CMS working in English (because most solutions are explained in English :wink: )

So, I have searched the forum and found a few answers without being totally sure how to apply them.

Is there a code to change or a setting to modify so that i can have the Date displaying in French days (Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, etc…) ?

Thanks a lot in advance !


Sorry, there isn’t a way to do that yet - I don’t see why we couldn’t add that as a feature request, i’ve moved this into that category.

Good day,

I do have the same request, do you know if it will be part of the 1.8 series ?

Thanks you

Hi there. Same for me. I like to keep the english terms in the UI but i need localized output in the layouts (especially date formats). Any chance to realize this?

Hi Dan,

Is there any chance of getting this feature added/addressed in an upcoming release? I have displays that are located in Mexico, the US, and Canada, and it would be nice to be able to display the layouts in the location’s native language (especially for the date/time and calendar widgets). I’ve worked around the calendar widget by including some css and JavaScript, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to augment the date/time format/language on a per-display basis.


We still just pass the CMS locale into these widgets, which I think we can change. I’ve created an issue for this here:

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