Clock and weather regions turn black after layout refresh

I am using the windows player, version 1.7.9 on a windows 7 machine. My layout contains a video region, two clock regions, two weather regions, and a ticker region. The video plays for half an hour, then the layout refreshes. Upon refresh, the two clock and weather regions will, in any combination of the four, turn black. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

The display I am using does send back this message in its logs: Unknown exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Is this the same issue as before? Text and time regions go black after half an hour

You can send me your layout and I’ll have a look.

Other than that, double check the IE browser emulation (make sure it is in correct path for your machine 32/64 PCs have different paths), updated any drivers, .net etc.

What format is the video in?

It is more or less the same issue, however I am experiencing it on a different machine, which shares all the same hardware as a machine that works.

Already updated drivers and IE browser emulation - no luck.

The video is an MP4, though the video always works.

Here is the layout:

Could you try to switch the background image to .jpg (you’re currently using .png which will not work well on windows clients).

I have done that, and the problem persists.

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Could you try to switch the background image to .jpg (you’re currently
using .png which will not work well on windows clients).
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I did only one change on your layout - replaced the background image with .jpg and since I’ve your layout running for over 1.5h I’d say it’s fine with that change.

If you’ve already tried to verify modules in CMS, double checked browser emulation entries and updated all gpu, .net etc drivers, then I’m not sure what else could be wrong with this particular PC.

Hey again Peter, thank you for your help. I encountered something interesting. If I went in to task manager and examined the processes, I found that one of the xibo processes was actually blocking the others. if I ended it, the others displayed fine until the layout refreshed, when they went black again. Do you have any idea what that might be?

That’s odd, there should be only one Xibo client process there, if there somehow are more than one, then yes that could cause issues.

Would it be possible for you to recreate it and send us a screenshot of task manager showing multiple Xibo processes please?

Yes, here’s the screenshot. The process I have highlighted is the one that prevents the other regions from loading when the player is first started.

I believe I have figured it out. The layouts have been running well consistently for awhile.

For anyone else with this problem:
I uninstalled all browsers that weren’t internet explorer. Went in to display settings and turned off CEF. I also manually assigned the windows display profile to the machines that were having the problems. Since I made this change, everything has been running smoothly.

Thank you for your help Peter!

Oh, I had no idea you had this enabled, sorry I should’ve asked, it could be what was causing the issue.

In any case I’m glad that it seems to be working correctly now! :slight_smile:

Me too, a week without issue, that must have been it. Thank you for your help!