Clients lose default slide in CMS

I have a cms Version 2.3.0 and windows 10 client with version xibo-client-v2-R252, there have already been server updates and clients from previous versions.
The problem is that I have 20 screens and periodically they lose the default slide, that field is left blank in the configuration of the screen in question in the administration console.
One day a screen does it, a few days later, another, and so on, what happens with that is that customers do not update their content
Thank you

Please can you update to latest as a first step - 2.3.5 is the latest 2.3 release - as there were bugs fixed to do with draft/published statuses.

Update the CMS but the problem persists, the server loses the default slide in preferences / screens. And then the clients gradually begin to lose them, leaving the field blank in the configuration of each one of them.

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