Clients connecting but reporting they haven't connected

Some of our clients are connecting at their agreed interval (5mins) as the last accessed time for each is updating, but they are all stuck on a status claiming they are out of sync. has been the case for over 12 hours. If you select Manage for any of them - both pie charts are green, there are no errors, and all the files, layouts and Widgets show with Completed Ticks.

Fun times and more Xibo CMS woes. Ghost status is the best one of all. Have you tried doing a Check License, Collect Now, and possibly even manually going to the problem player and do an additional Connect to CMS…? We’ve had a lot of our players do this and we have been unable to come up with an answer. Factory wipe, purge license and player from CMS, and start over has been our inefficient strategy thus far.

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