Client doesn't get updates

Player Version: xibo-client-v3-R310.1-win32-x86

Issue: One of our players doesn’t get layout updates.

Is there any way to force the player to connect the server?

I look forward to your hints :slight_smile:

My hints : give us more details.
Which server version? On which installation?
Does it appear connected in the list of displays?
Are there any errors when I press CTRL+I on the Windows player?

Xibo Digital Signage - Version 3.1.5
Its running in an external datacentre
Both mini PCs are in our LAN and do have an internet connection to the server.
Although I set the intervall to check for new content to 5 minutes the connection don’t take place.
After a reboot of the computers it could be successful but w/o garantuee.
ZeroMQ is not possible in our environment.
As the players are out of my range I am not able to presss CTRL+I.
I hope that helps …

Server installed by Docker ?

Players connect to the server via a public IP/DNS, or internal IP (LAN)?

XMR/XTR server is availaible?

  • Installation not by Dockers
  • public IP/DNS
  • both are available on the server

What’s the server installation method (linux, WS, …)?

Paste a screenshot of the display list

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