Client crashing after a while

I’ve got a layout with several regions:

  • a logo picture (transparent png)
  • a slideshow with 27 photos
  • a clock (tried first text clock, now flip clock)
  • a ticker marquee up from an RSS feed.

Every about 10 minutes the Android client crashes, and Android desktop appears. The command “ps | grep xibo” doesn’t show the process running.
The client restarts itself after 3 minutes of inactivity, it also appears back in the processes list.

I re-created the layout from scratch several times. It’s not that it was created in an eariler version.
Some older layouts with similar functionality work fine.

What should I do to start investigating?
I’ve got SSH access to the rooted device.

It probably goes without saying, it shouldn’t do that.

As it restarts itself after 3 minutes it is most likely being killed rather than crashing - if it crashed then the process for restarting it would also have been terminated.

An educated guess as to why it is being killed - memory pressure - it is possible that it is running out of memory. If you were to take a copy of the layout without the 27 images on it, does it still exhibit the same behaviour?

I reduced the number of pictures to 4. Let me see what happens now.

However, this is an issue. A signage display should be able to display tens of pictures (maybe even a hundred) in a slideshow without any problem these days.

I’m not sure 4 will do the job, but it will be an interesting test.

It actually only loads 2 at once (the current and the next) and I wonder if there is a point in the playlist where two large images are side by side.

Anyway, it will be interesting to complete the test you have already setup first.

Maybe I could send you the exported layout if you want to look at…

Sure, I am happy to do that - you can PM the link. I (or someone, @Peter) can run it up in our office next week.

Ok no crashes so far with 4 smaller photos.
But my client wants more.

Sure, it won’t be the quantity of them, rather the individual sizes (I suspect!)

If that woild be the case, I’d expect a recommendation for maximum individual picture sizes in a slideshow. Not only size in bytes, but size in pixels, and also thougts on picture formats and JPEG compression.

We have some basic guidance here:

We have an improvement already logged so that the CMS is responsible for adjusting the image before it reaches the player, thereby avoiding these sorts of issues.

It would still be good to confirm that the suspicion is correct.


I just want to let you know, that we are working on fix to this issue.
We’ll let you know when we find something.


For anyone watching this topic - Xibo for Android 1.7 R55 will be released on Monday (13th July) and resolves this issue.

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