Check hash file in library

in my Linux version xibo-player running well, i think there’s to provide a check for file stored in library because in my HD Solid some videos and file are corrupterd. If i try to delete for exemple file.xls or .mp4 the player not catch a new download.

Maybe MD5 or SHA1 check is needed.

If there’s some solution let me know.

Thank u to all.


hi @DanieleFurfari

Thank you for your message, I have been investigating the issue describe and also discovered that some files when corrupted or deleted from the Local Library are not downloaded again. This issue has been reported to the development team who will investigate and resolve this in a later release of the Xibo for Linux Player. Thank you for posting about this on the forum and making us aware of the issue.

In the meantime, a workaround would be to delete the cacheFile.xml file from the directory ~/snap/xibo-player/current or ~/snap/xibo-player/common directory. Mine was located in the latter directory and I found that after deleting this file, the Player successfully downloaded the files missing from the Library.

Many Thanks.

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Thank you for help.
So, i can send a command for remove this file by a script?

Thanks a lot

Thanks for your message. I have not tried removing the file using a script, I instead accessed the file locally while at the machine, but in theory this should indeed work. Please be very careful when doing this and make sure you do indeed set the correct directory for the file. As mentioned in my previous message, mine was located at ~/snap/xibo-player/common but yours may be in the ~/snap/xibo-player/current directory instead.

Many Thanks.

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