Changing Weather Icons for Custom Icons

I am trying to change out the Standard Picture Icons. I have created a new PNG file with a transparent background. Lined up all the images like the standard-icons.png. My new file does have different dimensions from the original PNG file. I placed it in the weather-icons folder and it does show up in the module. However I do not get the images.

I looked through the documentation and did not find anything that tells me anything more. Can someone point me in the right direction here?

EDIT: Ran the Verify All for the modules and it fixed it.

That’s right - because your new icons file needs to be installed in the CMS.

Well worked out! The contents of that icon folder is installed in the CMS when verify all is run. This does also mean that each time you change (update) that file, you will need to run it again.

Yes I have discovered that. Also need to reboot the android device or it seems to hold onto the old file.

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You shouldn’t need to reboot as the new file will have a different MD5 to the old file and be re-downloaded. Unless the changed file generates the exact same MD5 (which I believe to be unlikely).

Although these files are “special” in the way they are installed, after the installation they are (in theory!) identical to other files that get uploaded.


I agree that I shouldn’t need to reboot, but I have consistently found that after changing the png icon file and running the Verify All process, that if I don’t at least close out Xibo completely and restart it, the file is not changed. It is not a big deal, just something I have noted.

Are you sure you have waited for the layout to expire and restart?

I’ve run a (very) quick test here and it does seem to work as expected.


Yep, I have tried leaving it overnight to see what happened. Came back the next day to see the same icons. Restarted the Xibo Client on Android and then the new image showed up. Not sure how the icons get rendered, say if the browser or some other 3rd party software is used, but I am thinking it is a cache thing of some sort. But I don’t know the program well enough to say.

The Android Client is running on Android 4.2.2, if that helps at all.

They are rendered in a webview - but the cache should be disabled. The view is also destroyed between each refresh, so I am not sure what the difference would be between a close/reopen and a built in refresh of the region.

I’ve submitted this as a bug for now, to remind me to look in more detail when I can. I suppose you have an acceptable workaround for now?

I suppose you have an acceptable workaround for now?

Sure do… all else fails…reboot. :wink:

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