Changing th cms design through the views



Please forgive my ignorance.

I’m having trouble changing the cms’s design through a custom theme, I followed the guide to change the logo and everything worked fine up until that point.

I want to let’s say change the sidebar of the cms(add/remove from the list) I followed the next part of the tutorial ($config[‘view_path’] => PROJECT_ROOT . ‘/web/theme/custom/mytheme/views’,) however this is where I’m lost :confused: .

Please bear with me, to change the sidebar do I have to copy authed-sidebar.twig to my /custom/mytheme/views folder while adding “$config[‘view_path’] => PROJECT_ROOT . ‘/web/theme/custom/mytheme/views’,” to my config.php and then modify the .twig file? I tried this but nothing changed.

Thanks in advance


Yes, you have to do as you described - I would imagine you’re nearly there!

Your theme’s config.php file should provide a new “views path” so that the CMS looks in your themes view path before it looks in its own one, your syntax looks correct there.

$config['view_path'] => PROJECT_ROOT . '/web/theme/custom/mytheme/views';

Assuming your theme is configured in settings you’d then expect twig files to be served from that view_path first - so copying the authed-sidebar.twig in should do the trick. I assume you’ve called your theme mytheme


It worked! Thank you so much :smiley: