Changing Layout Resolutions - How do I set resolutions to smaller than 800 x 400?


When I try to define a low resolution (160px W x 80px H) the CMS changes my entered values to a 800px W x 400px H.

How do I set the layout resolution to smaller than 800px W x 400 px H? Is this possible?

I’m running XIBO CMS 1.4.2 and the Python Client 1.6 on Ubuntu.

We are looking at using XIBO to run small digital billboards (4ft H x 8ft W) but these boards can be very low resolution in terms of pixels. If I am just displaying images in a slide show then there isn’t any issues as the client resolution is set to the low pixel dimensions and scales accordingly. When I try to use a text content piece the the player just displays the XIBO title card.

Thanks in advance


I don’t remember how it was in 1.4, we would definitely recommend an upgrade to 1.7.4 if possible.
Other than that, are you sure that CMS changed your resolution, or perhaps just the designer height width to 800x400?

There’s no need to create a custom resolution unless there isn’t one there already using that aspect ratio.

So 160x80 is a ratio 2:1 layout. So Enter 160x80 and it will be automatically resized to 800x400 which is fine because it’s the same aspect ratio.

You can then design your layout, and then when it’s run on the Player with it’s screen resolution set to 160x80 the content will still fit as it’s the same shape. Xibo doesn’t rely on designing layouts for a fixed number of pixels, only a fixed ratio.

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