ChangeLayout Fighting

CMS Version

image: xibosignage/xibo-cms:release-2.3.7

Installation Method


Operating System

ubuntu 16


Could not make it work , no errors in the logs
Response looks just fine:

Time is updated every time after request is made:

Layout is not changed…

If you assign the layout to the display (assign not schedule) does it work then?

Happy New Year my colleagues!

Assigning layout does not seem to have any effect.
Ive noticed that layout is assigned automatically when you send a changeLayout command either to a display group or a particular display.
Setting layout as default seem like help a bit but it sometimes works sometimes not. I ve tried the both cms and api (/display/defaultlayout/{displayId})

It isn’t assigned automatically at all - that’s why I asked if assigning it made any difference.

You must always have a default layout set on a Player. Not having one set is an error, although it doesn’t need to be the layout you’re switching to in your changeLayout action.

please kindly check the video

the error is : Exception in Run: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute
perhaps it has smth to do with time synchronization Overlaylayout and other API calls

I’m really not sure what the issue you’re reporting is anymore. You send a change layout action, with download set to true, and the Player then shows that layout as a changeLayout event as far as I can see - which is what it should do.

If it’s logging an error, then I’d need to be able to reproduce it to report that.

Time sync is critical for XMR to work. If the Player is more than around 30 seconds out of sync with the server time then it won’t work, but it won’t log the error you describe there. It will just ignore those messages.

sometimes layout is not changed (it shd be seen in the video), so its not stable enough , due to error may be

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