Change permission rule user

I have a user that I added to the user type “admin group” , I want the user to be able to delete , add other users.
I managed to change the “user.class.php” file to add the delete buttons, add . but the problem is that the user can see only the users of its group, but not all other users.
I’d like to know what I need to change to give the view of all users without adding it to the super admin

Yeah that’s not how the system works. You’d need to be a super admin to manage group membership because a group admin can only see users in their group I’m afraid.

Thank you for your replay.
Because in my situation i have a customer it s a CEO of his organisation and he want to access manage users but my probleme when i give him access super user he can change or delete some configuration of xibo. Because hi don t have enough computer skills.
That way i want just add manage all users for admin group.

Yeah I understand what you want, but that’s not how the system works I’m afraid so it isn’t possible.

Thank you for your help and merry christmas best wishes 2016 for you and all team you can cancel this.

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