Change Overlayer in Realtime

Good Morning together,
after i have read a lot of posts here inside this forum i am a little bit confused what will be the correct way for my needs.
I wanted to receive over UDP messages and display different Images inside an overlayer area. I the moment i think this is the correct way. The problem is, how i can do this in real-time?
My Layout should look like this.

  • Video Area where my normal Playlist runs (right top)
  • Overlayer 1(Bottom)
  • Overlayer 2(left)

For example: i get message 1 and want to change the images in both predefined areas.

Somewhere i have read that a web server and an url would be a good way. But i am not sure how i can notify xibo that new content is available.

The images i want load for the dynamic areas are static and i have just 8 different images.

I hope somebody can show me correct way to do this.
Thx for help


there’s no one correct way to accomplish this. If the pc which runs the player receives the messages you could make some sort of application on top of Xibo, which displays the images accordingly as it receives the messages.

Or you could create a webserver with websocket or SSE (Server-Sent-Event) support. The overlays should be webpages served by the webserver. As soon as the server gets new UDP data you inform the browsers via websocket or SSE, and make the browser change the source of the displayed images. Long-polling is another option here. I would recommend using websockets.

Hi markus P,
thx for help. I will try to figure out your suggestions. Will write what way was best in the end.