Change of Forecast API URL


just got a E-Mail that forecast changed to darksky also the API URL changed to;:

They write that the old API Url still works but they will shut down it at any time …

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I got that too… Has anyone tested that address yet?

Yeah, tested and updated for 1.7.9 and 1.8.0-rc1, we will also look at re-titling the module for 1.8 to “Weather”.

Thanks for the heads-up!

@dan, would you expect that I would be able to drop the forecastio.module.php from 1.7.9 onto the one from 1.7.3 (which I’m currently running) without a full upgrade? Of course I’d save a copy of the 1.7.3 version, but I’m wondering whether it’s worth trying.

Unfortunately I don’t think that would be possible… the chaps at darksky have said that the old API URL will be active for the foreseeable future though, so perhaps not a problem for you.

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