Change layout on input


I wonder if its possible to change the layout on an Xibo Android player based on an inpput signal from another system. For example by a I/O device or a HTTP Trigger.

I like to use XIBO to display messages on screens in stores based on how many people are inside.
So I will use a counting system in and out of the store. When the number reach a threshold it I want to send a signal to XIBO to change the layout (Must happen instantly) and again when it get below the threshold.

You can use the changeLayout action on the CMS API to do that. XMR must be working for the layout change to take effect.

Thanks. How long can we expect the delay to be from the API call to the CMS to the layout change on screen?

Assuming XMR is working and the layout is already downloaded, less than a second typically.

Make sure you’re using display group and campaign IDs not display and layout IDs. You can ensure the layouts are kept downloaded by assigning them to the display or display group (rather than scheduling)

Nice! Sounds like this can work.

Is this part of the API available in 1.8.13?

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