CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess - Application Error

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Have any of you seen this error above? Any ideas to mitigate this? It’s happened on 6 of our 22 endpoints in the CMS. All have the same hardware:


Also just another quick question… I’m considering upgrading these clients to 2.253.4 to address the JSON error & possibly this error too. Can I just install the MSI, or do I need to remove the old version first in add/remove programs then install the new? If we can just install the MSI, does it automatically keep its settings in the CMS (authorized, etc.)?

I’ve not seen that error before.

You just install the new MSI. It will upgrade in-place and retain settings.

Is there any logs I can capture for you to investigate the source of the error?

If it happens after you’ve upgraded to latest then I’d see what else happens in the Windows event log at the same time.

We can mark this issue as resolved. Upgrading to 254 resolved both the JSON error and this as well after testing for a week.

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Having comparable issue with version "windows 2 R254.1-254"2020-06-24_15h18_51

Also with regions not showing text etc.

Hi please use your own thread to create incident reports. I don’t care about your issues. Please close this thread.

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