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we’ve just upgraded our players from the very old 1.7 and 205 which I believe used IE for the browser, these used to login automatically to a SharePoint page (using windows credentials) to show a calendar. Now we are running R2.255.3-255 the displays are asking for login credentials, I assume there is some config we can change to allow the CEF browser to login automatically?

I’ve tried to embed the page using:

<!-- BROWSER=ie -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
<iframe scrolling="no" src="https:/OurSharePointSite/Lists/Calendar/MonthView.aspx" longdesc="Calendar" width="1080" height="1920" name="Calendar"> </iframe>

But SharePoint throws an error saying the page cannot be viewed in an iframe. I would be happy to enable X-FrameOptions on the site, but as it is coming from a display, and not a valid webpage, I’m not sure that would work.


Interesting issue - we’ve certainly not handled NTLM authentication at all in the CEF browser.

After a bit of quick research, I think we’d need to provide an auth-server-whitelist when we initialise cefsharp, and we’d need some configuration in the CMS/Player to catch and use that.

It would be good to test this out with you before we do that - if you’re able to PM me the OurSharePointSite I can send back a XiboClient.exe with that set in the whitelist to see if it works?

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