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Hello, I’m trying to set up CAS authentication but when I trying to log in (by clicking on CAS Login), here’s what I get :

I’m using Xibo with Docker.

Here’s my settings-custom.php file :

     $authentication = new \Xibo\Middleware\CASAuthentication();
     $casSettings = array(
         'config' => array (
             'server' => '',
             'port' => '443',
             'uri' => '/login'

Running the debug, here’s what I get (I can provide more content, I just don’t want to send sensitive stuff) :

Authentication failure: Ticket not validated
Reason: bad response from the CAS server

Thanks for your help !


I’m actually having the same issue :-/

After configuring the settings-custom.php, when i connect to Xibo, I have a button to log in with CAS which redirect me correctly to my CAS server.
After login into it i’m redirected back to my_xibo_url/cas/login?ticket=XXX with the same Unexpected Error

Hello again,

brief : It was a network problem

Longer version :

I put server in test/debug mode.
I found this message :
Authentication failure: Ticket not validated Reason: no response from the CAS server

After that i tried to curl/ping my CAS server from inside of the CMS docker (docker exec -it ID bash) and i got no response.

The network admin corrected iptable to let the docker “go outside” of the container.

Have a good day

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Thanks for your answer.
I totally forgot to respond as I saw you managed to fix your problem.
For my part, I have chosen to use SAML authentication in the end.

I close this topic :slight_smile:

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