Canva Connection Error - Xibo V4 with XAMPP Server


I want to connect Canva to my Xibo. This is configuration;

And I input client_id and secret_id to my canva;


After that, API is error.


And this is my .htaccess;

Something wrong with my .htaccess? Please help me. Thanks

This is my authorize routes. I have removed slash ‘/’ behind authorize but didn’t solve anything.

Are you using IIS or Apache?

If you are using Apache, as far as i know, there’s no need to change the routes, or the htaccess.
That slash ‘/’ config is only used in cases that you need to use the web.config from IIS like i mentioned in this topic:

Check if you have the “certs” folder in the library folder with those three files setted correctly:

you can check how to generate those files in this topic:

Hi @pitoco02

Thank you for advice. I want to ask, what library? Library from default XAMPP or what? Can you tell me specific path?


What is meaning? @pitoco02 Thanks.

Your Xibo CMS library, where all the files you upload to the CMS are stored.

Did you create those three files?
If yes, you don’t need to create nothing in postman.