Can't use Dataset and Webpage in cms 1.7.5

Here I can’t use Dataset and Webpage features. When I use this two features It’s did’t show anything but Dataset show no column Can someone give me a tutorial or explain me it’s bug. Thank you.
Edit. I forgot to ask should I fill the order box and filter box in Dataset?

These 2 features are quite extensively used, so I don’t think its a bug.

Why don’t you explain what you have tried to do and we will then try to guide you - it might be easiest to start with web page as that is a very simple module.

Here this all I do with Webpage feature. I use full screen region. But when I watch at windows client. I see empty with black background. this client can use internet normally.

OK great - and if you do that what happens?

In the layout designer you see the webpage or not? In the player you see the webpage or not?

No. I can’t see webpage both layout designer and client player. What should I do?

I’ve just tried it myself - has a same origin policy enabled which means embedding is forbidden. Sorry, but that means you can’t embed that website.

Hopefully you only entered that as a test? you can try with if you want to test the functionality.

Yeah Thank You for help newbie like me :smiley: but my boss give me a new task then I need to drop Dataset case I’ll ask you later. Thank you again :smile:

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