Can't push layout to client

Hi, I have created Xibo 3 server on LAMP. All is working, but Client can’t take layout from server.
Client and server in the same subnet (firewall disabled on the server). I’m able to do only screenshot.
After creating layout which preview is working fine, I tried scheduled it on display, but noting seems to happen.

On client I see in logs: XMR Status: Length cannot be less than zero.
StartNext: Unable to create new videoin object: Not a valid media type: videoin.
Please help :sunny:

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I have the same issue

What player are you using?

I believe the VideoIn widget only works on WebOS and Tizen. Its used to display video from a built in HDMI port.

If you are trying to play video on Andriod/Windows player you need to use Local Video/HLS widget.



I have installed older agent and its works for me. I’ll test later on another laptop newest agent - seems it’s bug in system.