Can't play rss ticker and scrolling text

1.rss ticker can’t scroll I use rss ticker with 3 pictures(rss’ region under picture’s region). Duration for each picture is 30 sec. First picture don’t see content of rss. Second picture I see content of rss but dont’ scroll and third picture don’t see content again.

2.text isn’t scroll. It’s look like rss ticker problem but when I click mouse on text’s region in client player text will little move. What a wierd.

Thank for help sir.

It seems like a feed issue more than the ticker itself.
Can I please have a link to your feed?
Could you tell me what settings you have on your ticker?

Perhaps just export your layout and send it to me. Upload it to dropbox/similar and share the download link with me. Here or via pm.

I use this link I think the problem may be caused by firmware of android. I use in other firmware it’s work fine.

Well it might be, but this feed is also not quite valid, please see:

Thank you sir. :smile:


I am having a similar issue. I’m trying to load a rss feed as a ticker. The feed is I’ve tested it in the ticker validator, so I have to assume it will work.

I’m using the Windows client:
Duration is 10.
Appearance: Template : prominent title with description and name separator.
Speed: 2
Text Direction : RTL
Number of items: 20
Items per page: 1

As it stands now, I cannot get the region to even display. Nothing comes shows up in that region. I’ve thought that maybe the color of the text is the same as the background, so I changed the background color a few times and still can not see any indication that that region is populated.

Any help would be appreciated.

You probably don’t want RTL text unless it’s an Arabic feed?

Try changing that to LTR and then does it show in the preview?

It does for me, but it’s a bit of a strange setup for a ticker if I’m honest. You’ll at least want an effect I would think. So set that to Scroll Horizontal or Marquee Left on the General tab and tick Duration is per item on the Format tab.

Also please start a new thread for a new issue rather than jumping on an old one (in this case relating to the Android Player rather than Windows). Thanks :smile:

I’ve made those changes, but it still doesn’t work. I’ll start a new thread.