Cant play local videos on windows

Hello together
We have some issues to run local videos.
We are using Windows 11 and Windows 10 Computers to run the Xibo Player (Versionv4-R402.1 and v3-R301.1) and use the CMS Version 4.0.6 Westphal.
All videos are stored locally on the computers under the path C:\RWY_VIDEO\video.mp4
I tried to add some new local video and thereby i figured out, that the Xibo Player is not able to run local videos anymore. I set the path in the layout file:///C:/RWY_VIDEO/video.mp4 Also I tried different writting way for example change " / " to " \ " or without “file:///” and so on. Nothing worked. I got the message “StartNext: Unable to new localvideo object: The file cannot found” But if i copy the path “file:///C:/RWY_VIDEO/video.mp4” into any browser on the computer the video is playing. So path is correct. I also was in contact with our host, they tried it too and have the same problem.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks for your help.

Just from my experience, did the video gets played if you uploaded it to CMS and insert it in the layout (either directly or using list)?
I used to have a few .mp4 files does not play on the screen, but do play in preview in Layout Editor, wierd

Well the video is playing if i uploaded it into the CMS.
Butt still, we have a few videos and there are all saved locally. Also before the CMS update everthing was working :neutral_face:
Hopefully someone has a solution, why its not working anymore.

I have done a bit of test in my environment, wanted to share with you

I save my test video file called testvideo.mp4 in the Videos folder of my Admin account in Windows 11 Pro. So the complete path to the video file above is, by Windows standard:

However, in CMS, the path would then be:

Convert the backward-slash to forward-slash and use double-forward-slash
And it work on my case.

Please note that, I have used the Windows Media Player Legacy (there’s the word Legacy for Windows Media Player in Windows 11 Pro) to play the testvideo.mp4 file successfully. I think xibo player use Windows Media Player to play the video stored locally on the PC in which it is installed. So, if WMP cannot play the video, Xibo will neither

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Thank you very much. Its working like you said. Thank you. :hugs:
Its the only writing way that i didnt try :smile:

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