Can't get XIBO to recognize MySQL Extension

I’m installing XIBO and I have one x left on the prerequisites. It’s for enabling MYSQL support. My configuration is a Windows 2008 server, MySQL5.6 Community Edition, PHP 7 and Apache2.4. When I open the apache info page, it shows that the module for mysqli is enabled. I’m pretty sure it is loaded but XIBO isn’t recognizing it. Is there a way to test this extension? I’m at a loss for what it could be. in my c:\php\php.ini the extension is NOT commented. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I tried this:

<?php echo 'step 1'; $link = mysqli_connect('localhost','user','pass); if ($link) { echo 'Connected successfully!'; } ?>

And it seemed to connect…

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All Xibo does is run this: extension_loaded("mysql");, so in theory if PHP has loaded that extension correctly then Xibo should pick it up.

You could try creating a php file with phpinfo() in it to get a list of everything loaded for your PHP installation

I figured it out. I reverted to php 5 and enabled the php_mysql.dll in ini. Had to find some dos but got it working! Thanks for the reply.