Can't edit campaigns

We have problems with a normal user and campaigns.
The user added a campaign but after that he can’t edit it. He can only copy or delete but there is no edit button.
The user is member in a usergroup. This usergroup has the full rights for campaigns.
The rights are inherited for all users.
I don’t have any idea where’s the problem.

Thanks for your help

Hi, welcome to the Community!

Can you just confirm which CMS version you are using?

If you are using v3 can you first ensure that the User/User Group has the Campaigns Feature set enabled (including allowing edits):

If you also want the User/User Group to access the content on the Layouts within the Campaigns, the Layouts and Library Media will also need to be Shared. This can easily be done using Folders where you would add the Campaign, Layouts and Media all to the same Folder. You would then only need to set the Share options for the Folder (all objects contained within that Folder will inherit the set options) without the need to set those on each individual item.

If you are using a version earlier than v3 or have already enabled the above, could you please share the steps you have taken (with screenshots if possible) so that we can try and recreate the issue you are experiencing.

Thank you

Thanks for your help.
We use CMS v3.3.5. The features are set enable

All the other medias, campaigns and layouts are shared with the user.

Can I ask what type of Campaign your user is trying to Edit?
Layout List or an Ad Campaign?

Thank you

We want to use ad campaign

Thank you for confirming!

We have identified the following issue which has been reported here: Ad Campaigns: edit option not accessible to a non-super admin · Issue #3074 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

This will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for posting :+1:

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