Can't display videos on windows clients

hi everyone i’ve a little problem… i can’t display my library videos uploaded on the server on the client…
I’ve tried to install k-lite codec but there no response… i see only the background image

Hi @Giordano_Spina

Try installing VLC player!

now i can see videos but… i see them right on server but on clients i see them only green

What video type are you trying to display? WMV, MP4, AVI ?

wmv and mp4… same results

Can you play them on the client ‘outside’ of Xibo?

if i start them from the archive of the client they’re still green so i think that the problem is on the downloading step from the server

I’m not going to say that’s not possible, but are you able to copy over the videos to the client (via USB or network),completely bypassing Xibo, and play the movie without problem? Sounds more like a playback problem on the client rather than Xibo.

yes i’ve tried via network but same results… i’m started thinking that’s because the client is xp the problem went out

Could be. I’ve only used Windows 7 64bit clients. Please post back the results if changing the client/display operating system has any affect.

i will try thanks again for the support :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I already install VLC player and K-lite codec… But I only hear the sound of video, and I can’t see the image play. I don’t know what to do. thanks

i see that this problem is caused by the video card od the pc, if u work on
it u can solve this problem